If you are not aware of what SEO or SEO tools are, this article will describe it along with explaining how you can use SEO tools to find keywords.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which, in simple terms, means to improve the quality and quantity of the traffic on a website or a webpage through a search engine. For example, a person has a website for their business. To make more people visit the website, that person will use SEO tools so that when people search using a certain word, one of the first websites that pop up is their website ultimately increasing the traffic. 

If you are a business, you might be wondering how you can increase the traffic on your website and the answer to that question by using keywords. Now, how can you find the right keywords? Here you will take assistance from the SEO tools to find the right keywords to generate more traffic on your website. Here are the best ways you can use SEO tools to find the correct and appropriate keywords.

1. Keep the necessary factors in mind

When doing keyword research and deciding which ones should be added, you must consider certain factors such as location, season, trends etcetera before finalizing which keywords will be used. This is because sometimes the keywords used are not appropriate for the target audience because of the factors mentioned above. For example, the region where your target audience belongs does not search for your niche in a way that you had in mind they would because the keywords you used were common in another region where more of your target audience is. This will lead to your website not reaching more and more people because it gets buried under a sea of other websites or webpages that can use more suitable keywords.

2. Be precise 

When searching for the most suitable keywords that you can use make sure that you search precisely. When you do that it makes the SEO tools give you the most accurate results that will bring more traffic to your website or webpage. When using SEO tools, you can type words related to your niche and it will give the best keywords there are which can boost your website or webpage and bring it to the top on search engines without having to pay any money for that to happen. 

3. Identifying the target audience 

It is extremely important to identify what is your target audience. This is because your content will be dependent on what that target audience requires which is what will drive them to click on your website. Once you have understood your target audience, you can now use an SEO tool to find keywords that ensure that your website or webpage gets more traffic and you can benefit from the traffic that the right keywords will pull. 

4. Look for unique keywords 

While you are using SEO tools to find keywords, make sure to stay away from commonly used keywords as much as possible because when you do that, you become part of many other websites and webpages that have used those keywords which leads to competition. This is why many times when a keyword becomes too popular and a website and webpage uses it, it gets harder to bring traffic as there already is so much competition. Instead, search for keywords that are not commonly used by websites but will still be able to get traffic on yours because the target audience for your niche will look up using those words on the search engine and see your website or webpage pop up on top. 

5. Know about all the feature SEO tools provides 

SEO tools provide a lot of features that can help you ensure you can bring in as much traffic as possible. This also includes finding the right keywords and if they are appropriate to be used on your website. These tools give you the best results as the basic purpose is to generate traffic through the use of those keywords. When you start using SEO tools, it takes a little time for you to get a hang of it but once you understand how it works, you can use it to make your website or webpage so popular that it stays on top of search engines. 

6. Research your niche 

Whether you are selling products or services on your website or it’s a blog site, you must do enough research for it because if you do not know enough about your product or service it will slow the process of bringing in more traffic even if you have the best SEO tools. Do all the research on your niche that you have to so that you can look for the keywords using SEO tools that will help your website or webpage appear on top when people search for the keywords that you used. You can do this by noticing how people search for your niche and what catches their attention immediately. 

7. Hire a professional with the SEO tools knowledge 

If you did not know this already, there are people out there who use SEO tools to find keywords and because they are professionals with a lot more knowledge than a layman, have experience regarding how to increase traffic by using the right keywords, and are aware of new and efficient ways to do keyword researching. This will help you make better use of the SEO tools that are available to you as the professional who is hired will know how to use the tool to it’s the extent that the results it generates are beneficial for you.

8. Observe searching patterns to incorporate appropriate keywords

When deciding which keywords will be most helpful when it comes to increasing traffic on the site or webpage, observe what the people search for the most related to your website. When you start to keep an eye on these things you will be able to get an understanding of what is usually typed on search engines while looking for products or services that you may be providing. This way you will know what to search for on your SEO tool and look for keywords that will drive more traffic to your webpage or website. You can do this either by communicating with your customers and ask them how they use search engines to look for things or you could use questionnaires and carry out a research study regarding searching patterns. This will give an idea regarding which keywords will be able to generate the traffic you are looking for.

9. Know what your competitors are using 

In today’s world, we see competition almost in every industry as everyone tries to be and stay the best to stay in the game. Similarly, your business or the kind of website or webpage that you have will most likely also have competitors and you must know how they derive traffic to their website or webpage and the keywords that they use. Once you are aware of what your competitor’s strategy is, you can work on using the SEO tools to find better keywords than theirs. This will ultimately increase the traffic on your website or webpage as it will appear on top when the search engine is utilized by people to search for the keywords that you have used. 

10. Stay aware of pattern changes 

The kinds of words people search for change all the time. If you want to ensure that your website or webpage always or at the very least almost always stays on top when people use search engines to look for something related to the content that is on your website or webpage you should stay updated on what keywords should be used to increase traffic. This can easily be done by using SEO tools that will help your keyword research and make sure that the keywords that you use are the ones that are currently widely used on search engines. 

11. Communicate with internet users 

If you want to know what words people use to search on search engines related to your niche, you can ask them questions related to it. The data collected by this method will be most accurate as it is collected by asking questions from people who will help you bring your website or webpage to the top of the search engine. Using the information that you collect from these people will help your keyword research and give you the most valuable results. 

12. Keep changing keywords using SEO tools

As previously mentioned, one must stay aware of the changes in words that people type on the search engine. When you know the latest and the most common words used at the current moment, you can make use of the SEO tools to find keywords that will ensure more traffic on your webpage or website. You must keep changing those keywords to keep up with the words that people often use to search for anything related to your niche. When you do that, your website or webpage will be shown on the top and people usually click on the first few websites only. This is sure to increase the traffic on your website or webpage. 

13. Make a list of relevant things related to your niche

When looking for the right keywords, one must make a list of all the things that are relevant to their niche. This is because when you utilize the SEO tool to find keywords that will increase traffic, you will not face much difficulty in searching for the keywords that will boost your website without having to spend money on a paid advertisement that brings websites to the top. Of course, everything on your website or webpage is not relevant at the same level so for the relevant material to reach the target audience, the correct usage of the applicable keywords, separating the relevant things is significant and will help bring more traffic to the website or webpage. 

14. Use small keywords 

Oftentimes, keywords that are too long lose their purpose because they do not come up during searching. Whatever your niche may be, while using SEO tools to look for keywords, try to stick to the ones that are small and precise. This will increase the chances of your website or webpage being on top when people search using the keywords that you have used on your platform. Many have agreed that long keywords do not get as many clicks as possible and the ones that are short and target a relevant topic get more clicks. For example, if your website is of a clothing store and you sell dresses. Instead of using the “best dress to wear when you are going out with friends” you can use keywords like “best casual-wear dresses” because that is the kind of search people do on the search engine so it increases the chance of your website or webpage getting clicked on. 

15. Use appropriate tools 

When you are trying to find an SEO tool that will help with keyword research make sure that you choose the correct tool. It is important to go for a particular tool if you are targeting something specific. For example, if you want to find keywords specifically to use on your website or webpage you should opt for tools that provide that only or majorly. This ensures that you get the most use of your SEO tool and is the best way to use SEO tool for keyword researching. 


Knowing how to use SEO tools to find keywords might seem like an easy task and something anyone can do but if your goal is to generate more and more traffic you must know the right way to look for keywords that will help with traffic. If the keywords are too popular or too long, it could hinder the process of your research and that will lead to your website getting lost in the huge ocean of other websites that use keywords that yours did or the keywords were too long and often those are the most precise ones which are also what acts as a hurdle when it comes bringing more clicks and traffic to the website or webpage.

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