Finding the right keywords is key to expanding and promoting anything. It is, in fact, a crucial component of digital marketing in today’s connected world. Keywords help you reach your target audience quickly and easily.

It is a time consuming experience to search for all the right keywords. This is why you can use the help of the best SEO tools to find the best keywords for you. This saves you a lot of time and effort. It also gives you the most effective keywords to communicate with your audience.

Why You Should Use SEO Tools

If you are wondering why you need to use SEO tools to optimize your marketing strategies, here are a few reasons to convince you.

  • It helps you analyse and dissect the SEO strategy of competitors, identify their rankings, traffic, and how audience react to their content,
  • Generate the right keywords and their ranking. Compile your own list of the best keywords.
  • Identify high-converting keywords and variations that you would not have thought of. Save time and money by avoiding the manual SEO audits.

What is the Purpose of Keywords

Keywords help your site to rank higher when customers search for results. This leads to higher volume to your site. The main reason most sites use keywords is because it is a sure shot way of reaching out to your customers. They make it possible for customers to find you via search engines. A well written website always has the right keywords to attract traffic.

The Best SEO Tools for Your Marketing Needs

We have picked 5 of the best SEO tools to help you out in today’s market. This will help you get on top of your digital marketing strategy and elevate the SEO performance.

So dive right in and pick from the best-

Google Keyword Planner

This tool is a boon to many marketing agencies over the world. It allows them to create search media plans. It also gives a proper structure to any marketing campaign.

The keyword interface is quite navigation friendly. An analyst, thus, needs to spend minimal time on keywords. It allows for the estimation of site traffic, volume and traction. It also helps to generate more leads and better conversion rates due to the high quality keywords.  This free of charge service is dynamic and result oriented. It can help across different types of businesses. One can use it to get the best keywords, ad groups and so on across a range of categories.

Also, this is a tool that lets you achieve your targets by getting you better bid estimates and volume based on demographics. The keyword competency is an important feature that helps in marketing campaigns. SEO is no longer an unattainable goal. A ton of new keyword ideas and segmented search options are benefits.

Google Search Console

Among the most powerful SEO tools available for use is Google Search Console. This free and power packed tool is not used to its full potential. Most marketing agencies use it only for vanity metrics. But there is more to Google Search Console than mere vanity metrics. 

One of the most underrated features of GSC is the ability to look for keywords with lots of impressions, low clicks, and CTR. This helps you identify the keywords that people see but do not click on. Couple this with the mobile keywords. Search analytics help you identify the keywords for any device. GSC can help you find performance drops, restructure your site and more.

You can even sort keywords by region to find what works for you and what doesn’t. Marketing is easier with GSC, and it is an easy to use tool for all.

Keyword Sheeter

Keyword sheeter is a quick way to generate more than 1000 keyword ideas a minute. It allows you to export these ideas for free with a single click. A negative filter lets you weed out any words that you deem unnecessary. This is quite a basic tool that hands out the most common autocomplete options from Google. It definitely gives you an edge. You get an idea about what it takes to get your site to the top of the page.


Find a direct line to your target audience’s most candid thoughts with AnswerThePublic. As a marketer, you need to create fresh content that can reach your customers. AnswerThePublic is a keyword search tool that allows you to get solid leads. The autocomplete data from search engines along with combinations of phrases and questions. This helps you identify ideas and keywords without having to sift through pages of data.


Another popular SEO tool is Semrush. Organic research allows you to put in a competitor’s website and generate data. It gives you a ton of metrics including the number of keywords. This helps to identify and estimate the SEO of your competitors. The organic search positions also list out all the keywords that a site ranks for. You no longer have to mine for keywords; rather, you get them handed straight to you. It also shows you how much traffic each keyword brings, and sort by volume. This helps you figure out keywords that get the most hits so that you can include them in your site. Other cool features include traffic analysis, sources and so on. There is also a keyword gap feature to show the keywords that many competitors use.

These are the best SEO tools in the market. They help you reach out to the customers, and help you target your audience. Without having to sift through tons of pages, you get a list of keywords handed to you. This saves a lot of time and effort in any marketing strategy. What’s more, most of these tools also help you identify metrics. They easily let you understand volume, traffic, and other major indicators. You can now identify what to change, what to adapt, and how to improve the overall quality of your site to reach more customers.

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