The software as a service industry, popularly known as the SaaS industry, is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world. Over the last few years, SaaS has grown in prominence for its extensibility and ongoing costs, and free trials. When it comes to SaaS marketing, nothing is simpler, direct, or similar to other products in the market. 

How do you promote something that has no physical presence and has a restricted user-base? This makes promoting SaaS a challenging task for SaaS marketers and businesses. The question, however, is ‘What is the right way to attract prospects and investors into your SaaS business?’ Here are a few SaaS marketing strategies to promote your business to the right prospects. 

Start with ‘Why’

There are innumerable companies in every industry and field. However, only a few leaders and companies can create a difference in the market. There are millions of companies that can sell a product one time, and then there are others like Harley Davidson and Apple who develop incredibly loyal customers for their business. 

Simon Sinek, in his book Start with Why explores the reason for what sets these few companies apart from the million others. Simon Sinek explains that it is the ‘power of why’ that sets these leaders apart and explains how other companies can incorporate it within their organizations. 

“People don’t buy what you do; people buy WHY you do it.”

It is easier for companies to describe what they are- their product, competitors, and industry. It is also somewhat easier to describe how they do it- their unique proposition, values, and valuable offers. The why, however, gets difficult to describe. The why is the company’s belief, purpose, and cause. It is what forms the basis of their company. And it is why others should care about what you are offering. 

Describing why you do what you do is critical for your business. Why are you in the industry? Why did you plan the product? Why is it making a difference? For a long time, we have been taking the what-how-why approach. Today, we need to invert the order to why-how-what to promote SaaS. When you arrange it in this way, all these aspects are in harmony to inspire trust and loyalty in your prospective customers. 

Short-term Strategy: Paid Ads

To grow as a SaaS business, you need to adopt both short-term and long-term goals. To receive quick and productive responses from your target audience, running paid ads can be strategically helpful and build a steady consumer base for your SaaS product. Investing in paid ads like Adzooma is never a bad idea for SaaS business marketing and can drive targeted audiences to your website with high scalability. 


Adzooma provides digital advertising services to promote SaaS on platforms like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook all on one platform. The platform provides AI-driven solutions and suggestions for ad campaigns along with effective management for all campaigns through a single screen. They also offer rule-directed automation, and effective, clear insights that dramatically optimize your campaigns and saves time. 

Adzooma is an award-winning platform that provides effective paid ad solutions that are perfect for a short-term SaaS marketing strategy. It is also ideal to spread the word about your company on all platforms effectively. If you are a SaaS marketer or a marketing manager, this is a solution that you should consider for marketing your software.

Mid-Term Strategy: Affiliate Marketing and Social Media

Affiliate marketing is a step further in the SaaS space to enhance growth by expanding the brand’s reach to those customers who can benefit from it. Once you have established a strong sales funnel through paid ads, you can switch to affiliate marketing for scale and distribution.

To have a robust affiliate marketing for your SaaS company, you need to build a strong product first. A successful affiliate program requires that you have a product that serves a large market demand.

Affiliate marketing is thus one of the best ways to promote SaaS products and build new businesses with minimum efforts. All you need is an optimized landing page and enhanced UI for best customer experience with other affiliate tools to get the best results. 

Another way to promote SaaS products is through social media. Having an active social media page that continuously talks about the benefit of the product and engages with the users builds credibility and demand among the users. 


PartnerStack is one of the efficient platforms where you can launch referral, affiliate, ambassador and reselling programs all at one place. PartnerStack connects you with new businesses and also allows businesses to reach these programs. 

SaaS brands provide the opportunity to access custom company pages, campaigns, referrals, and groups that can help them grow exponentially. You can grow your brand at a large scale, enhance your SEO through partner referral links, and reward your loyal customers and partners to successfully promote your brand.

PartnerStack is a comprehensive package to take your brand to new heights and is one of the best mediums to promote SaaS. They help you by connecting you to the right social media groups and affiliate programs that can help you in SaaS marketing.

Long-Term Strategy: Guest Blogging and SEO

Guest blogging is a SaaS marketing essential. It has a profound impact on your SEO because getting backlinks from reputable sites improves your search rankings, too. Additionally, promoting your brand telling about your product to new leads will help you gain new website visitors and customers, too. 

You can direct the traffic to your own page and build your brand. Therefore, looking for guest posting opportunities should be your priority as a SaaS marketer. Guest blogging can enhance visibility, generate quality leads, increase social media following, and boost your overall growth and revenue. 

It helps you gain valuable customer insights and create targeted marketing strategies to build your business online. Guest blogging and SEO can help you drive organic traffic to your website and gradually build social credibility. For long term goals, they work efficiently for SaaS marketing.


SaaS marketing is different from other types of business marketing. We understand how tricky promoting SaaS products online can get. Therefore, using online programs, concrete business ideas, and the right marketing tools play a key role in promoting SaaS online. Offering free trials, rewards, and better UI experience to the customers also goes a long way to attract an audience to your website and generate conversions.